Wendy is probably one of the most important characters in the book In the Name of Hope, by Arceusrules98 as the Scandinavian Alliance wouldn't survive very long without her. She was the first choice to become messiah, but when Wendy died, it had to choose Astrid instead. Wendy is based on Arceusrules98's co-writer.


She has a very sassy and dependent personality, but also wants to get things quickly over with and can be strict. She knew the world would be saved if they gathered the gems and all people would probably be resurrected, she just "felt" it, so she only cared about winning to save everybody else, even if she had to become a monster along the way.


Wendy is very Mary Sue, because she is extremely talented in weaponry, dancing, instruments, she is athletic and lots of other stuff. She even learns telekinesis afterwards, wich makes it so surprising she died at Rita's hand.


Wendy (Mike's world)Edit