The Subway on Floralpikmin99 is, despite the name, not a sandwich shop. No. It is a railway that is being built by Team Edogg on the server Edogg, and is being directed by Arceusrules98. Currently, only Arceus and Floral has been building on it.

Current serverEdit

Hub StationEdit

The Hub Station has been made, and lies in the Hub Village. It is still not finished, but a rough version has been built out of Jungle wood from the Floral Jungle, and it will be prettier in the future. It is where the project began, and it will also be expanded to look better. Inside is free gravel, dirt and cobble for those who help with the project.

Horse Outpost StationEdit

The station in Horse Outpost has not been built yet, nor has it been begun on either. However, it is the first project with the subway, to connect the Hub Village to the Outpost, for quick travelling across large areas.

Switching Station AEdit

This station connects several routes. It has not been built yet, but will connect the rail from the Horse Outpost Station to the rail from the Hub Station. You will have to switch rails there, as there will be mutliple routes. There's a north one, south one, a west one and an east one. Two are already occupied, and the two other will be worked on, probably beginning with one leading to Bluestone Tundra wich lies in one of the unoccupied directions.

It will probably never be built, as the server will be restarted in the near future.

New serverEdit

A new subway will be built when the server is restarted with the 1.7 update. It will be connected to The Nether Subway for a more reasonable and less resource expensive travelling.