Pandora Swamp is a swamp that lies west of the Edogg Desert, south of the Ursa Plains, east of the Goodness Plains and north of an unidentified forest. Arceusrules98 lives her with his dogs, NatsuHaru and Luffy among others, and his horse, Creature.

Arceusrules98's houseEdit

His house started out as a mere hut, but as it grew inside, it also grew outside. The house has a sugar farm, 8 furnaces, a secret hidey for items, three stripmines, two dropdown mines to bedrock, where an additional 7 stripmines are located, and lastly a small stylized wheat farm.

Outside the house, he also has a tree farm, where all four different kinds of trees are to be planted and harvested. However, if a tree grows up to be too large, it will be left alone, ultimately creating a pretty orchard-like garden. It has not come to that stage as of yet though.

Cave SystemEdit

Underneath the Swamp lies a Mineshaft, wich has been pretty much explored already. Most if not all string andrails were taken for leads and The Subway. Beyond the Mineshaft, there's a ravine, and further in, Arceus found his first dungeon. There was a skeleton spawner. He will come back some time later to make a skeleton farm.