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WARNING: This page may contain some spoilers, read at your own risk.

GALAXY is the name of a series Floralpikmin99 spent almost her entire life working on, and it's still being in development. GALAXY takes place in modern time in a universe where technology isn't as advanced and videogames are nothing like they are here. There's an alternate universe where dreams are reality and magical beasts roam about.


Main Characters

Olivia, Lauren, Pit, Link, Anacoumous

NEBULA Characters

Gabriel, Yen, Amika, Amacou, Zelda


Nowtowla, Tabuu, Onanami, Hydronami, Heiranami, Arceus, Usagi, Spode, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Shiny Lugia, Shiny Ho-oh, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Spartacus, Kalpezta, Tharieliet, Sakuya, Paulatena, Floral, Lion, Gold


Xen, Phemboi, Swomboi, Rendorou, Ploxus, Nemosku, Lemkin, Colloma, Latiristu, Moltablade, Whimpire, Vondolm, Benom, Catcoz, Majora, Hades, Dimentio, Akuro, Giygas, Embroious


Mantorujin, RED, Kaiyojin, Konchjin, Gumajin

The characters have changed greatly over the years of development. There were also a multitude of extra characters from a variety of different series that have been removed due to not having a prominent story. A few of the characters to be removed from the series permanently are Snips, Papes, and Ronk from Starfy and Kai from Elebits. A variety of demon beasts from Hoshi no Kabii have also been removed with no intent of returning.

The five main characters to be set in stone are loosely based off of one of the Main groups from Nintendo's game Super Smash Brothers Brawl. As GALAXY is a series based loosely off of the game in question. Hence why the characters mentioned earlier were removed instead of being repurpoused. 

The newest additons to the group are Titans. These are to go along with Guardians and Nightmares, yet are far more powerful. These creatures have only been just released and information isn't fully public.


The main plot revolves around a young girl named Olivia, much like the creator of GALAXY. She later finds out her inner power and a very mysterious Guardian, Kyurem. After meeting the character Pit and talking with his guardian Paluetena the main group finds out that the Guardians and Nightmares have started to act up, corrupting the mysterious Dream World. After fighting off more Nightmares, taming Guardians, and finding the rest of the legendary heroes they find out that the Chaos, also known as Shadow Bugs have escaped their various prisons which was causing the two forces to fight.