Profile of Gabriel
Age 15
Grade 9th Grade
Affiliations Team Edogg
Appearances Minecraft Episodes
Nicknames Gabe, Gabor, Gabbe, Snail
Likes Cats, Pasta, Manga, Anime, Japan, Winter, Friends
Dislikes Summer
Arceusrules98 was the one who came with the idea to Floral that they should make a survival server, and created this wiki. He comes from Sweden, and his real name is Gabriel, 15 years old.

Gabriel loves drawing and manga, which he has done since he was around 6 years old. Among his first animes was Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura and Digimon . Drawing and drawing and drawing, he used up all the papers all the time, piling up the drawings. He has been developing his own manga for several years now, but due to it's complexity, it STILL isn't done yet.

In middle grade, he met Viktor, his first best friend. After that, he also met his second best friend, Floralpikminn99 on SPORE. During the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden, he also met his third best friend, a friend who became his co-writer of the manga the following year. In 7th grade, Gabriel met his fourth, fifth and sixth best friends; Helen, one of Helen's friends, and a friend of my co-writer who became my otaku-buddy, since Viktor had now moved to Australia.

Creative corner

This is a personal area, where everything will be told from Arceusrules98's perspective. Follow any of the links for pages with personal narration.

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He has begun some books, and have the story all planned out allready. Somehow, he feels it's easier to just write a two-page long summary of them than the whole book. He is making some very summarized books and calling it a trilogy.

Book 1: In the Name of Hope

Book 2: My Classmate is a God

Book 3: Journeys

Book 4: Cross-over





Arceus is a bit over-ambitious, and has many different fanfictions he'd like to make. Therefor, only the most likely projects will be listed.

The Legend of Zelda: Time Collapse


While you can go to his Deviantart to see some of his drawings and pixel-art, much are to be posted on this wikia as well.

Arceusrules98's drawings

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